Common questions

Does my Table to be re-felted?

When moving a pool table, it is highly recommended to consider re-felting it due to potential wear from previous use. Without complete knowledge of the table’s history, one may never know what substances might have come into contact with the felt under previous ownership.

What is your schedule?

Our typical booking lead time is 3-5 days, but we may have availability to accommodate your needs within that timeframe. Although we prioritize weekday appointments to accommodate our clients, we also provide weekend options for your convenience.

What Cities are you in?

Our specialization lies in serving the Omaha metropolitan area, with occasional trips to nearby cities like Ames and Des Moines.

How Do You Move a Billiards Table?

While it may appear simple, putting together the pieces can be a time-consuming endeavor that spans several hours. Find all the necessary answers for a successful pool table assembly on our assembly page.

What other things can You Move?

When you contact us, please inform us if there are any additional items that require moving. We are capable of handling cues, balls, and smaller objects such as ping pong table tops. However, we do not handle any glass items.

Please note that moving larger objects like table tops may result in a slight increase in the quoted price.

How long Does it Take to Assemble a billiard Table?

Typically, the assembly of a pool table takes approximately 3-4 hours, with the majority of that time dedicated to leveling the slates.

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